Vassar Bastards

vassar bastards

V.22 No.23 | 6/6/2013
Elevator Boys
Kenta Henmi

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Going up, trip to Cairo and Atlantic showcase

Going up?

Music writer Derek Caterwaul delivers deets on three eclectic shows happening this week: garage-psych, post-punk, experimental, industrial, indie-folk and countrified jazz.
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Sticker Collection: Colour Me Once • Too Many Humans • The Vassar Bastards • Dinosaur Piss • punk

Goathead Record Collective focuses on DIY folk and punk music and “plans to do a lot more than just put out records.” Comprised of likeminded bands, fans and house venues, GRC aims to raise $4,000 and assemble a mobile recording studio for communal use. Benefit shows, bake sales, merch (handmade patches, jewelry and other artwork) and old-fashioned busking are all part of Goathead’s fundraising strategy. They’ve also put the bane of every cyclist—Tribulus terrestris—to creative use in a myriad of ways. They have a crowdsourcing campaign up at; the deadline to contribute is July 9. A GRC benefit show tomorrow features four local punk acts of the “sheer youth energy” variety. Colour Me Once hasn’t played out for a while, and they plan to do every song they’ve got. Vassar Bastards are the venue’s eponymous house band and deliver good, dumb fun. Too Many Humans are named after a great No Trend album, Dinosaur Piss posts righteously stupid lyrics and old hardcore song videos on their Facebook page, and Wolves in Wolves' Clothing hail from Gallup. Expect lots of high-on-life youngsters with more unity and positive energy than my burnt rocker brain can probably handle. Do it for the kids. Just leave the booze and drugs at home. (Derek Caterwaul)  Vassar Bastards • Sat Jun 1 • 8 pm • $5 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar