velvet art

V.19 No.52 | 12/30/2010
Rare examples by the artist formerly known as El Hombre Sin Nombre

Art Schmart

Border Pop

Three lost examples emerge in 2010

Though sometimes derided as “low art,” no other medium better captures the zeitgeist of the mid-20th century than unlicensed velvet art, though purists will argue that the it is usually painted on felt board.

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V.19 No.46 | 11/18/2010
Snoopy, Velvet Hero
Gina Yates


Velvet Art

Snoopy having a moment of humble acceptance and gratitude in his time of darkness

V.19 No.45 | 11/11/2010
Write a score to this, Henry Mancini.
Malinda Rust

Culture Shock

The Pink Panther in Repose

When I first started working as the Arts and Literature editor at the Weekly Alibi, I wanted to send out requests for art.

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V.19 No.41 |
Shirl Sazynski


Give 'Em the Bird

Yet another late entry

I have received another piece of bird art. A couple of weeks back I asked readers to send in their bird art, and it keeps on coming. This time, Shirl Sazynski sent in a Mercy Tarot Card, which was made with gauche, color pencil and salt wash.
Thanks, Shirl.

I have so far received only one piece of velvet art, so get on it.