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V.25 No.8 | 02/25/2016
Renee Chavez

Event Horizon

Remember, Remember

Sunday, Mar 6: Rally: A Women & Creativity Gathering

A creativity rally focused on memories on the verge of disappearance.
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Camera Work

Oh man! This weekend is going to have more lights than Vegas. Luckily, they're going to be way less tacky.

SITE Santa Fe's biennial, The Dissolve, opens Sunday, June 20. But SITE isn't the only space getting in on video art action. Damn near everywhere in the City Different is going to have some sort of screen filled with moving images.

One thing I'm really excited to check out is Currents2010, which takes place at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe. Artists David Stout and Cory Metcalf, known collectively as NoiseFold, perform at 6 and 10 p.m. Saturday, June 19. And yes, that's perform. The video artists bend sound and video live using really hard math to create a beautiful, mulit-sensory experience. I've seen NoiseFold perform several times and can say, I love what they do enough that a photo I took (NO FLASH if you're going to try this yourself) is the picture on my computer screen.

If you're not really up on video art The Abstract Dissolve might be a great place to get your feet wet before you head to SITE. Ten works, the earliest from 1949 and the most recent from earlier this year, explores a series of conceptual works and gives you the chance to get know just how far video work has come. The Abstract Dissolve takes place at the Lensic on Sunday, June 20.

The opening has passed, but the work of Peter Sarkisian is up through July 24 at James Kelly Contemporary Gallery. Both new work and Sarkisian's Dusted, a 3-D cube on which video is shown and inside of which two bodies twist and turn.

As a video art fan, I know a lot of people think it's just super snooty TV, but here's the thing, go put on SportsCenter right now. See how you don't really even have to see the screen to understand what's happening? Now watch the screen but turn off the sound. Same thing, right? Video art isn't like that at all. You have to stare at it, you have to listen. It's what television could be if it was made with vision and creativity instead of simply made to fill up the hundreds of hours and hundreds of channels available.