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V.24 No.38 | 9/17/2015


The Daily Word in cryogenics, sperm, parodies and Madonna

The Daily Word

A case of mistaken identity cost Mexican tourists their life in Egypt.

This re-imagined Super Mario video shows, in simplest terms, what refugees fleeing to Europe face.

Burning Man may sue Quiznos over their parody ad mocking the festival.

Talk about a brain freeze! One young woman decided to freeze her brain after she died in hopes of using it in the future.

First known written use of the word fuck surfaces.

Weatherman incorporates Madonna lyrics into his forecast.

Sperm donations are causing Last Week Tonight host John Oliver to close his newly formed megachurch.

Texting the wrong number has one man arrested in Florida.

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The Daily Word in Paul Ryan, Woodward and "f-bomb"

The Daily Word

Old man accused of shootin' prairie dogs.

Folks trying to raise the minimum wage by $1 in Burque may have gathered enough signatures to demand the issue goes to voters.

Paseo/I-25 interchange off the ballot and back in councilors' laps.

"Baby Got Back" as sung by 295 movies.

Olives cure motion sickness—and other DIY remedies your mom advocates.

How to avoid Olive Garden's infinity breadsticks.

This Is Sand <----art video game

Colbert on Romney's daring veep pick: Paul Ryan's "white, Christian and male!"

Michelle Obama welcomes Ryan to the race.

First female presidential debate moderator in two decades.

Woodward (of Woodward and Bernstein, the Watergate journos) has a book coming out on President Obama.

A comedian's sister was killed in a car accident. Her insurance company, Progressive, defended the killer in court.

A year of open-source living.

Someone stole Will.I.Am's DeLorean.

17-foot python captured in Florida.

"F-bomb" added to the dictionary, along with "gastropub" and "sexting" and "mash-up."

V.20 No.4 | 1/27/2011

video games

Nintendo Wee

Oh, Japan. Is there no upper limit to the weirdness you can create? Sega of Japan recently unveiled a new urinal-based video game system. Small screens are mounted above the facility. This allows you to play one of four mini-games, which are controlled by pressure-sensitive plates inside the urinal measuring the direction and pressure of your, um, output. One of the games has you trying to blow the dress off a cute anime girl. With your dingus. Really, what could be worse? ... I’m imagining some sort of toilet-based Enola Gay simulator.

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Video Games

Touch Your Video Games

"I think back to the ’20s when people saw movies for the first time. It's something most people don't even really envision can exist. When you touch something and you can actually feel it and it's physical even though it's virtual ... "

That's Tom Anderson speaking, CEO of Novint, a local company that makes haptic video game controllers and sells them around the planet. Haptics are to our sense of touch what graphics are to our sense of sight, he explained.

The device went from costing tens of thousands in the '90s to about $15,000 in 2000. It was only in the last couple of years after a worldwide search that Novint was able to make one for about $180. Read the full profile here.

The Falcon, as the game controller is called, works with about 50 games right now, including the Orange Box releases. Soon, with the advent of a product called F-Gen, the device will work with any game right out of the box, Anderson says.

V.19 No.9 | 3/4/2010

Video Games


Knytt is a sweet little 2D platformer from independent Swedish developer, Nifflas. In the opening moments of the game, the catlike Knytt is whisked away from its homeworld by a UFO. Soon after, the spaceship is damaged by a metor and crash-lands on a mysterious planet. It quickly becomes apparent that Knytt must gather the scattered bits of the ship in order to return home. The planet is pretty sparsely populated, and while this is most likely due to the rigors of indie game development, it imbues the world with a great sense of silence and almost melancholy. For all its simplicity, Knytt's environments are nicely varied, and to find all the pieces, you'll need to reach the cloud layer (rectangular clouds you can stand on, but still...), descend into the blackest caves, and poke around everywhere in between.

V.18 No.29 | 7/16/2009
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