V.24 No.37 | 09/10/2015
via rudeboycookies.com


Cookie Crusaders

We may not be able to eat our way to equality, but maybe this Saturday, Sept. 19, we can eat delicious cookies until we purge internalized misogyny while learning about the huge inequality of the gender pay gap?

Rude Boy Cookies (115 Harvard SE) and FemCity Abq (the local chapter of Femfessionals), which assists women with every stage of career development, are hosting a Cookie Crusader fundraiser from 5pm to 8pm. This event draws attention to the 23% disparity in pay between men and women by donating 23% of all proceeds to FemCity Abq to sponsor new members.

Across the board, women annually make 23% less than their male coworkers. That disparity goes up to a 36% wage gap for black women, and soars even further to a 46% wage gap for hispanic women. FemCity members will be present to answer all questions about the group.

This event will fill your appetite to deconstruct the patriarchy through specialized cookies! (But actually, don't eat till you puke, please).

V.19 No.47 | 11/25/2010


Student group to protest outside Trader Joe’s today at 3 p.m.

UNM’s Fair Trade Initiative will hoist signs and banners offering thanks to farmworkers and calling for a fair wage. Today at 3 p.m., demonstrators will post up outside the Uptown Trader Joe’s as part of the national Supermarket Week of Action.