West Mesa Murders

west mesa murders

V.25 No.4 | 01/28/2016


The Daily Word in Google Cardboard, an unhappy anniversary and a cat mobbed by toy mice

The Daily Word

Today is the anniversary of the discovery of 11 women's bodies on Albuquerque's West Mesa.

Google is bringing their "Google Cardboard" virtual reality to local schools.

New Mexico Senators begin discussing the Real ID bill today.

This woman is demanding a lifetime supply of Kit Kat bars.

Government officials worry about stronger encryption thwarting their surveillance

Uber drivers complain that they aren't being compensated fairly.

Here's a great cat picture from the internet.

V.20 No.31 |


The Daily Word 8.8.11 likes handfishin', zombie apocalypsin', women's motocrossin', drive-thru prankin', and more.

The Daily Word

Those stocks keep slidin'.

New news on the West Mesa murders.

Albuquerque church was evacuated on Sunday after a bomb was reportedly found in the dumpster. The church's blog later confirmed that it was a solid metal pipe, not a bomb.

Weekend riots in London continue to wreak havoc.

Animal Planet's newest show, Hillybilly Handfishin', teaches us how to noodle.

High quality screener leak of Super 8 has Howard Stern's name all over it.

Jackie Kennedy makes strong accusations in husband's assassination investigation.

10 survival tips for the coming zombie apocalypse.

Breastfeeding Mom gets tons o' flak at a public pool in Ohio... turns out that her rights are protected and then some.

Now this is a diet I could get behind.

Who wore it better? This dog or Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly?

Oh, to be female: Slightly embarrassing women's Motocross highlight reel.

Untranslatable words from around the globe.

Drive-thru pranking.

Celebrities who look like historical people.

V.19 No.50 | 12/16/2010


“Dateline” Comes to Town

Starting tonight at 8 p.m., NBC will air a special two-hour “Dateline” episode dealing with the notorious West Mesa Murder Mystery. Reporter Josh Mankiewicz reports from Albuquerque on the story that made national headlines—the discovery of 11 female bodies buried on the city’s West Mesa. The story is told through the eyes of missing persons Detective Ida Lopez. While the killer remains very much unknown, a rash of recent clues has revived interest in this shocking story. The episode, titled “Somebody’s Daughter,” will air Friday, Dec. 10, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on KOB-4.