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winning coffee

V.22 No.13 | 3/28/2013
Albuquerque Boys Choir (from left) Bethany Delahunt, Christy Cook and Stef Graner


Explore February’s sonic psychogeography

Live music hunter-and-gatherer Mike Smith takes us on a trip through his February adventures in live, local music in this month’s Last Month in Music. Scope related A/V below. I particularly recommend watching Boba & Gobi’s performance of “Klaus Klaus Dr. Meatball Dr. Meatball” featuring A Hawk and a Hacksaw’s Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost.

V.20 No.50 | 12/15/2011


“Rad Dad” reading today at Winning Coffee

In this week’s issue the Alibi interviewed Tomas Moniz, editor and creator of the alternative-parenting zine “Rad Dad.” Moniz recently put out a book that features choice selections from the last six years of his zine. He’ll be reading excerpts today at Winning Coffee (111 Harvard SE) at 3 p.m. Several other authors will be on hand to share the mic.

V.20 No.24 | 6/16/2011

Festival Preview


Slam poets shoot each other with words

Poets from around the country will take aim and fire at one another, turning Albuquerque into an O.K. Corral of lyricism. The 2011 Southwest Shootout features wordsmiths from Louisiana, Colorado, Texas and, of course, New Mexico performing their particular flavor of poetry.
V.20 No.14 | 4/7/2011

Alibi Picks

Balkan Dance Party

Shake your tail feathers this Saturday to some traditional tunes from locales like Albania, Macedonia and Greece at Goddess of Arno’s 14th Annual Spring Balkan Dance Party. The award-winning six-piece band combines classic Balkan and Rom (Gypsy) instrumentation and singing with its own playfulness and improvisation. Think hand drums, violin, saxophone and tamboura—a funky lute—combined with guitar and electric bass. A master folk-dancer will lead traditional Balkan line dances, with a crash course for novices at the top of the party. Footwork instruction starts at 7:15 p.m., official party at 8 p.m.