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V.23 No.33 | 8/14/2014
Emma Stone sees dead people.

Film Review

Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen’s 44th film casts a charming spell

Woody Allen tries a little sleight of hand with the slim but charming period romcom Magic in the Moonlight.
V.23 No.7 | 2/13/2014


The Daily Word in Woody Allen, Walking Dead and Dumb Starbucks

The Daily Word

A suicide bombing instructor blew up his class.

Cockfighting is big in New York.

Dumb Starbucks serves free coffee.

Vancouver has crack pipe vending machines.

How is the USA doing in the Olympics?

Watch Jerry Seinfeld’s Walking Dead episode.

Dylan Farrow responds to Woody.

Maybe we should kill off the mosquitoes.

Someone has documented 35 years of Prince’s hairdos.

Meet the bird that can sound like anything.

What now, James Franco?

There was a rollover on I-25.

A suspect is accused of raping and beating a baby.

The police caught some bad guys.

Happy birthday Laura Dern.

V.23 No.6 | 2/6/2014


The Daily Word in the Super Bowl, Groundhog Day and Philip Seymour Hoffman

The Daily Word

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl.

Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter.

Rest in peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Dylan Farrow accuses Woody Allen of sexual abuse.

A fisherman survived 13 months adrift in the Pacific.

How do they make that yellow first down line on the football field?

J. K. Rowling says Hermione should have hooked up with Harry.

Look at these Star Wars football helmets.

City Council will consider changes to APD oversight.

Bridget Romero is on the loose.

Will it finally rain today?

Happy birthday Morgan Fairchild.

V.21 No.27 | 7/5/2012
Ignore the creepy old man and continue making out, kids.

Film Review

To Rome With Love

Woody Allen’s having a wonderful time in Italy, but you’ll wish you weren’t there

Prior to 2005, when he was a strictly New York kind of guy, Woody Allen’s batting average was quite high. From 1969’s Take the Money and Run to 1987’s Radio Days, Allen pumped out an unbroken string of classic films (1987’s September was his first seriously meh effort). Even figuring in misses like 1998’s Celebrity and 2003’s Anything Else, you could put him at about a .750—pretty high for a guy who’s put out at least one movie a year since 1969.

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V.21 No.18 |


The Daily Word in welcome back Vlad, dinosaur farts, on-the-run tooth fairy.

The Daily Word

Vladmir Putin returns to power.

American held hostage by Al Qaeda pleas with President Obama to meet terrorist demands in a video.

Abq man arrested on indecent exposure charges after going through the drive-thru of a Church's Chicken.

NM will receive nearly $11 million in federal funding to make improvements on community health care centers around the state.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson wins Libertarian presidential nomination.

Man found dead in a barn at Churchill Downs hours after the Kentucky Derby. Police suspect foul play.

Dinosaur farts—the newest thing to blame for global warming.

Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan? Hmmmm...

Man claiming to be the tooth fairy leads Texas cops on a high-speed chase.

The Avengers as dogs.

V.19 No.44 | 11/4/2010
As of 8:20am, my vote counted for 6.67%


How’s The Turnout?

14 other people had voted before me (ignoring absentee/early-voting ballots). Today is a good day to call bullshit on people who whine that their vote doesn’t count.

“Ninety percent of life is showing up.” -- Woody Allen. No, wait, he said 80 percent. Or was it just 50 percent? And wasn’t it success, not life? Oh crap, I give up. No, I’m sure the quote was about showing up, not giving up.

V.19 No.31 | 8/5/2010
The Front

Couch Potato

I Like to Watch (Instantly): The Front

Notable titles from the Netflix Watch Instantly world


Directed by Martin Ritt

Cast: Woody Allen, Zero Mostel, Herschel Bernardi, Michael Murphy, Andrea Marcovicci, Remak Ramsay, Marvin Lichterman, Lloyd Gough, David Margulies, Joshua Shelley, Norman Rose, Charles Kimbrough, Josef Sommer, Danny Aiello, Georgann Johnson, Scott McKay

The Front is one of the few films where Woody Allen acts without writing or directing (although I definitely suspect him of improvising), and it stands out as a container for one of his best performances. I realize he’s been making sub-par, semi-stupid films since, what, Radio Days? But as an actor saddled with a screen persona as archetypal as Groucho Marx, he’s never been better put to use than in this heartfelt 1976 comedy-drama exploring the chilling effect the House Un-American Activities Committee had on the entertainment industry. Certainly this is the only film where Zero Mostel and Woody Allen share screen time, which is worth something all by itself.

Allen is the “front” of the title, an unambitious cashier (and bookie) who agrees to pass off his blacklisted friend’s television scripts as his own. The comedy arises from the farce of the masquerade, the tragedy from the human toll of the HUAC witch hunt. It’s a subtle balance that director Martin Ritt (himself a victim of the blacklist) pulls off with flair: there are belly laughs followed by moments of utter grimness. Some people object to that; I don’t. The bookending of the film with Sinatra’s “Young at Heart” is inspired, and the final line is a precious moment of anti-authoritarian wish-fulfillment. I declare this film unjustly overlooked. Netflix rip is not only clean and widescreen but HD.

V.19 No.20 | 5/20/2010
The Daily Word


The Daily Word 5.18.10: Google Is Watching You, God’s Oil Spill, Red Light Cameras Off

A teacher uses a hypothetical assassination of President Obama to teach a geometry problem. Creepy.

Should trained chimps be predicting hurricanes?

A man is accused of trying to swap his 3-month-old daughter for beer.

Google admits to recording communications sent over wireless networks in people’s homes. Way to out-Big Brother Big Brother, Google.

According to Ted Turner, God is responsible for the massive Gulf oil spill. Makes sense.

4 people commute to work naked to publicize a TV show in London.

A woman chases a Wendy’s worker with a taser after they messed up her order.

Janet Napolitano is vehemently against SB 1070, but hasn’t even read it.

According to Woody Allen, Obama should be a dictator for a few years.

President of HDNet and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says print is not dead.

Albuquerque City Council rejects a proposal to boycott Arizona. Berry’s immigration policy stays.

Red light cameras at three major Albuquerque intersections are now turned off.

Verizon forgives an $18,000 phone bill a man’s son racked up while using the internet.