Yoko Ono

yoko ono

V.25 No.34 | 08/25/2016

Event Horizon

Put your Money Where your Mouth is

Friday, Aug 26: Mouthpiece Performance Festival: Bright and Pitch

A local performance festival with live music, puppetry and more from interdisciplinary artists.
V.23 No.17 | 4/24/2014

Music Magnified

Smith Tapes: I'm Not The Beatles: John & Yoko Interviews 1969-72

Wherein Alibi stringer August March reviews renowned journalist (and AOR DJ) Howard Smith’s collected interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
V.21 No.25 | 6/21/2012


The Daily Word in piles of dirt, straight-tickets and rubber shackle shoes

The Daily Word

A Google report shows political censorship is on the rise in Western countries.

Arsenio Hall returns to television next fall with a new late-night talk show.

Rodney King undergoes an autopsy as police investigate his drowning.

Yoko Ono showcases a new art exhibition in London featuring piles of dirt.

The straight-ticket voting option will not be available during the New Mexico General Election.

Baseball great Roger Clemens is acquitted of all charges pertaining to lying to Congress.

Police say a bicyclist was attacked by a man wielding a frozen sausage.

Police in Uganda raid a gay rights workshop and questioned all attendees.

A Virginia man gets voter registration forms in the mail for his dead dog Mozart.

Adidas pulls plans to sell its controversial rubber shackle shoe.

This man has been playing the same game of “Civilization II” for ten years.

A woman gets stuck on a Kentucky Walmart toilet seat after it was covered in super glue.

Italians start selling canine gelato to beat the intense summer heat.

A helpful checklist to help you discover who you need to unfriend on Facebook immediately.

The fourth movie trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

V.20 No.44 | 11/3/2011
Gatas y Vatas mascot image by Nani Chacon

Song Roulette

Marisa Demarco’s random tracks

The Alibi’s very own news editor and creator of Gatas y Vatas sets her MP3 player to shuffle.
V.18 No.43 | 10/22/2009

Yoko Ono Tweets

I’m an Ono fan.

Find her on Twitter.

Some of my favorite recent tweets:

“Imagine tying balloons to the roof of every building in the city. Let the balloons wave to the breeze. See if buildings are lighter for it. “

“Find a spot on Earth that is comfortable for you. Keep that spot clean physically or in your mind. Think about the spot when you are away.”

“Send lots of love to that spot. Speak to your friend about the spot, how beautiful that spot is, and how proud you are of that spot.”

“If your judgment is clouded, you must be carrying too many things which are being a burden to you.”

“It's like carrying two tall shopping bags with both hands, and try to see where you are going.”

“The human race is still in its embryonic stage. We will be born, look around & start communicating with other planets in many Universes.”

If those are working for you, here she writes up 25 things even her best friends never knew about her.

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