V.25 No.44 | 11/03/2016

The Daily Word in Hiding Your Face, Undead Bees and the Ghost Defense

The Daily Word

I thought Halloween was over. The first confirmed case of "zombie bees" in North Carolina. Parasitic flies. Larva bursting out of bodies. What more could you ask for?

This self-sustaining robot has a mouth, a gut and can forage for its food ... I don't like it.

In 1687, a ship's captain beat a slander lawsuit by "proving" that he and his men had seen a local brewer dragged into hell by a phantom. That's called "setting a precedent."

Why in God's name are two-headed sharks showing up all over the world? Someone's fucking with us.

You know that pesky facial recognition software that's always being such a buzzkill? Screw it up with these hideous glasses.

V.25 No.27 | 07/07/2016

Dream Blog #364

"Why would you do that?"

It's the zombie apocalypse. I've found a hatchet and strap it to my chest. It feels right. C., G.C. and their friends pick me up outside in a white sedan. They're tripping really hard and dose me. We speed through the streets. I lean out the window and yell "I'm sorry!" to all the zombies we pass. C. thinks it's super funny. We get to a warehouse and clear out the zombies. I realize the short reach of a hatchet makes it kind of a crummy choice. C. is compelled to eat part of one of the corpses, a black and green organ about the size of a mouse. There were kid zombies and we're all upset, mad and sorrowful. Soon C. vomits gallons of liquid until the organ comes out. She's compelled to eat it again. I ask "Why would you do that?"

V.25 No.4 | 01/28/2016


The Daily Word in Trumpbridge, girlpower and the evolution of zombies

The Daily Word

Young Syrian refugees dream big ... and their dreams are awesome.

Trump accuses Cruz of fraud at Iowa caucus.

Obama is going to visit a mosque on US soil for the first time.

Wanna know a secret?

Yet another person dies in a APD/BCSO shooting.

Harry Potter fans beware: Trumpbridge is here.

NM Senate wants to raise teacher wages, but not sure where the money will come from.

If walking around with a wedgie all day is up your ... er ... alley, Levi's just came out with the "Wedgie" jean.

US businesses created 205K jobs in January.

Ever wondered about the evolution of zombies?

Zika virus is the new big bad.

V.24 No.40 | 10/01/2015

Event Horizon

Crawlin' with Zombies

Zombie Krawl • Blue Sunshine • Burque Sol • Saywut • Deja • Cabaret Audacity • Black Widow Cabal

Start Halloween month off with the living dead.
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The Daily Word In Zombie Cats, Early Menses and Disco

The Daily Word

The new Ghostbusters movie has an all female cast!

Drinking soda may cause early menses.

This woman had 13 pounds of pot hidden in her car and had no idea. I’ve only ever found a kind of scratched cd labeled “DAD’S MIX” in my car :(

A thoughtful piece on Tent City.

In Florida they have zombie cats!

Here is a disco version of "Suicide Is Painless" .

Some tips on surviving catastrophe.

and it's Sarah McLachlan's birthday today!

V.22 No.5 | 1/31/2013
“See, what nobody ever realizes about us zombies, is you have to shoot us in the head to kill us.”

Film Review

Warm Bodies

Dead guy stalks cute girl in conventionally quirky zombie romance

“Cute” is not a word that can be applied to a lot of zombie movies, but it’s the most apt description available for Warm Bodies, a PG-13 undead romance from indie writer-director Jonathan Levine. Levine has spent the last few years making almost-but-not-quite cult films like All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Wackness and 50/50. Warm Bodies follows in that tradition, a likable but imperfect black comedy that will find moderate box office success while infecting a handful of loyal fans.

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V.21 No.37 | 9/13/2012


Midnight Movie Madness Presents [REC] 3: Genesis

Alibi Midnight Movie Madness returns to Guild Cinema in Nob Hill for another weekend of crazed cult cinema. On Friday and Saturday, we’ll be presenting [REC] 3: Genesis—the third film in the wildly popular Spanish zombie apocalypse series. This time around in the loosely connected storyline, our videocamera-wielding heroes are a soon-to-be husband-and-wife team. When the demon-driven zombie plague hits their wedding party, it’s up to the blushing bride to pick up a chainsaw and take back her special day. Expect more humor, but no less gore for this one. Showtimes start at 10 p.m. and Midnight. Admission is $8 general, $6 students and seniors.

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Alibi Flickr Photo of the Day

X-mas Edition

Posted to Alibi's Flickr photo pool by our buddy [~db~] Photography.

Zombie Santa

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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The Daily Word 05.25.10: Almost Deported, Zombie Jerky, Bros Icing Bros

The Daily Word

One-third of APS students are overweight.

Oops! Puerto Rican-born man is almost deported to Mexico.

When is Saddam's gay sex-tape being released?

President Obama is sending Nation Guard troops to the US/Mexico border.

You should probably cancel your trip to Jamaica.

Ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick faces five years in prison.

Sixteen things they only sell at Walmarts in China.

Now you can buy the Amityville Horror house.

Chick-fil-A is introducing its first new sandwich in almost 20 years, but you need to make a reservation to get one.

Freaky! Over the last 10 years every person who has had this phone number has died. Movie coming soon.

Teachers in Florida are in trouble for splashing holy water on an atheist.

This fake BP twitter account has more followers than the real one.

Here are some sweet images of Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft.

Handy guide shows how to look like you're working when your boss is away.

Are you ready for Zombie Beef Jerky?

And now: Bros Icing Bros. Thank you Internet!

Ironic! A new study suggest sunscreen is accelerating cancer development.

There's a reality-TV power list???

The nine worst restaurant meals you can eat are …

I wonder what the cast of Doogie Howser, M.D. is up to.

At least we can agree on this: 107 commercials aired during the Lost finale was kind of too many. And not to get anyone upset or anything, but here's a video of all the show's unanswered questions.