Alibi V.14 No.15 • April 14-20, 2005 

Music Magnified

Dead Meadow

with Jennifer Gentle, The Outcrowd and Jealous Gods

Wednesday, April 20; Launchpad, 21 and over, 10 p.m.)

Paisley's not dead, it's just discreetly tucked under jackets. This isn't your childhood paisley (Prince) or your dad's (Blues Magoos), but a night of four distinctly different takes on modern psychedelic music.

Dead Meadow is cold funk, a grim and smoky version of the psychedelic experience 20 minutes before it turned narcotic. The flowers aren't still in anyone's hair at this point, although they're just as colorful in the mind.

From Italy (which has as good a pedigree of interpreting American garage as Japan), Jennifer Gentle has a trippy carnival approach, as if California's Mojo Men had a taste of continental flavor: upbeat with an invitation of sing-along jangle and a twist of the absurd.

Also playing are one of Albuquerque's own danceable psych-pop bands, Jealous Gods, and The Outcrowd (inbred cousins of the Brian Jonestown Massacre).

Don't misunderstand; this isn't a night of peace and love, but afterwards you just may feel peaceful and loving of the new psych happening.