Alibi V.14 No.33 • Aug 18-24, 2005 

Crawl Map

Live Music for College Kids

1a. The El Rey Theater

620 Central SW • 243-9792

Historic El Rey does not host that many shows these days, but it is where we once saw Weezer.

1b. Puccini's Golden West Saloon

620 Central SW • 243-9792

I don't know who Puccini is, but step into his Golden West Saloon and you step into a '40s Route 66 old west kitsch time warp where diverse genres such as blues, country, hip-hop, jazz, metal or anything, really, can be heard live.

2. Launchpad

618 Central SW • 764-8887 • launchpadrocks.comab

The space-themed Launchpad is where we spend most of our time and is probably Albuquerque's best venue, with superior live music and sound quality in an intimate atmosphere for seeing regional, national and international shows within a variety of genres (and we should know).

3. Pearl's Dive

509 Central NW • 244-9405 •

Mainly known for good food and patio, Pearl's mainly hosts jazz and the like, but we've seen a few quite unique performances here.

4. Ned's Downtown

407 Central NW • 243-0364

Ned doesn't sound like the type of guy who'd necessarily facilitate a good time, but he hosts a variety of shows and just might have the best dance floor in town.

5. Ralli's Fourth Street Pub & Grill

109 Fourth Street NW • 243-1093

Reggae, hip-hop, rock and a gigantic TV are some of the entertaining luxuries provided here (and when we went, there was a free taco bar).

6. The District Bar & Grill

115 Fourth Street NW • 243-0003 •

The District has sweet misters that come in handy on a hot summer day, but the bar also has sweet music pretty much every night of the week that comes in handy when you're feeling an itch.

7. Atomic Cantina

315 Gold SW • 242-2200 • a

From a variety of live shows to the Thursday night Rockabilly Roundup and Tuesday's Rockstar Karaoke, atomic-level intoxication is only one of the many forms of stimulation available at Atomic Cantina.

8. Burt's Tiki Lounge

313 Gold SW • 247-2878 • burtstikilounge.comti

Burt is a seafaring traveler who brings back souvenirs to decorate his tiki bar which hosts fine shows, DJs and theme nights; from the hipster-heavy Universal (mod, brit-pop and new wave) to Vinyl and Versus Underground Hip-Hop night, all of which are a whale of a time.

9a. Sunshine Theater

120 Central SW • 764-0249 •

Modest Mouse, Fugazi, Rasputina, Common, The Misfits, Burning Spear and Ted Nugent are just some of the shows we've seen at the Sunshine Theater in the past several years, which makes us think that residents of the Kirk are very lucky to have such a venerable venue.

9b. Moonlight Lounge

120 Central SW • 764-0249

The L-shape of this bar attached to the Sunshine makes it hard to actually see a show, and once a bartender there was a total jerk to us, but that doesn't mean that when the place puts on something good (live DJs, rock shows, etc.) you shouldn't check it out.

10. Brickyard Pizza

2216 Central SE • 262-2216

Brickyard Pizza used to be Sprockets, which rocked for live music, but now it's Brickyard, which doesn't have quite so many shows, but does have a pizza and PBR combo for $3.

11. Iryshmacs Coffee House

101 Yale SE • 265-5597

This tiny café hosts free, all-ages performances several nights a week, mostly of the acoustic/Celtic/jazz/blues/poetry/open mic/jam variety.

12. Winning Coffee Co.

111 Harvard SE • 266-0000

Winning has coffee, comfy couches and the kind of live shows that you might expect to see Downtown, only they're usually cheaper and always all-ages here.

13. Sig's

3211 Central Ave. NE • 265-7447

The closest thing to a pub this side of Central now features live, eclectic music two nights a week and an oddly titillating "Gong Show" on Tuesdays.

14. Kelly's Brew Pub

3200 Central SE • 262-2739

Kelly's and its big, booming patio has been known to host Celtic jams, hippy dance sessions, acoustic duos and the occasional rock show; plus, you know, the waitresses are hot.

15. Harlow's on the Hill

3523 Central NE • 256-0849

This Nob Hill hangout is just like a good baby should be; brand-spanking-new, bright purple, a little wet behind the ears and not too fussy.

16. Pulse/Blu

4100 Central SE • 255-3334

It's a gay bar (actually, it's two), and you don't have to be queer to get down to all the unique shit they play here—but it probably wouldn't hurt.

17. Martini Grille

4200 Central SE • 255-4111 •

The Grille is a dimly lit martini club that can be swanky, smooth, campy or smoke-free, depending on who shows up to play.

18. Sonny's Bar & Grille

4214 Central SE • 255-5932

A fine old neighborhood haunt that's great for watching old guys rock out while you play pool with pseudo-bikers.