Alibi V.15 No.5 • Feb 2-8, 2006 

Music to Your Ears

The SXSW Rock 'n' Report—In what very well may be the coolest thing we've done since the inception of Fall Crawl, the Alibi will give away airfare and a South by Southwest Music and Media Conference press pass to one aspiring music journalist. Based out of Austin, Texas, SXSW is one of the biggest independent music festivals in the world. It's where the most promising up-and-coming acts establish themselves on the international stage, and where music legends return for a rare, and sometimes final, encore. You can find out more about this year's festival, which is set for the third week of March, at Read the “Music Magnified” by Amy Dalness in this week's edition for a complete description of the contest rules. If you love music and can write reasonably well, do not pass this up.

Adios, El Paseo—El Paseo Music Hall in downtown Santa Fe held its last show on Jan. 27. Apparently, Santa Fe needs the space for yet another art gallery, and so out El Paseo goes. The exceptionally long bar was within spitting distance of the Plaza, yet stood out as an unpretentious hangout for live blues music, eventually moving on to more progressive acts like Son Volt and Santa Fe's The Hollis Wake. I even got a chance to play there once, for chrissake. The drinks were strong and the sound setup was one of the best I've ever played through. Thanks for all the great music and memories—cheers!

Rotten Zombies Want You!—While recently surfing local electronic music cyber-haven, I stumbled upon a burgeoning local record label named Rotten Zombie Records. Not only do they have a fantastic name, but they also want your band for their first official CD compilation. RZR founder Ryan says, "We do not discriminate based on genre—good music is good music." If you're interested in getting involved with the project, e-mail or log on to

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