Alibi V.15 No.42 • Oct 19-25, 2006 

Music to Your Ears

Newfangled SXSW Showcase Application—Applying for a spot in the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin may seem mystifying at first, but there's really not much to it. In fact, it's easier than ever since the application process for SXSW has gone totally digital this year. Just go to the SXSW website, create a user account and password, and fill out a fairly straightforward online form. You'll pay a $30 fee and upload your music and press right there. And that's it. Then all that's left is to compulsively check your e-mail until Feb. 9, when the last acceptance and rejection notices will be sent out from SXSW HQ.

The application/upload deadline for American acts is Nov. 10. If you happen to be reading this outside of the United States (it could happen), you've only got until Oct. 27. Either way, the sooner you get on this, the better. For more detailed information, answers to frequently asked questions and a link to the online application forms, log on to

A Faster Journey to Journal--An entire year and some change after the initial groundbreaking, a two-and-a-half-mile extension of University Boulevard built to service the Journal Pavilion and Mesa Del Sol Community is finally complete. The price tag? Just under $30 million. (Keep that in mind the next time you whine about your Def Leppard tickets being a rip-off.) The new road is filled with quite a few hills and bends, but it's still "expected to ease many of the traffic issues experienced in the past with the lone exit from Journal Pavilion," according to Live Nation promotions. If you loathe change, don’t fret--you can still take the original exit on south Broadway to reach the amphitheater. Log on to for a list of upcoming Journal Pavilion shows.

Battle of the Ants--Three cheers for Ants Have Voices! The Albuquerque alternative rock three-piece has advanced to the next round of's battle of the bands after a successful "live-music bootcamp" contest held in Denver. Now they're in the running for a whopping $1 million recording contract. Wish these talented guys (and gal) well at their next show Halloween night at the District Downtown. For more on the contest, hit up, or MySpace the band directly at