Alibi V.16 No.10 • March 8-14, 2007 

Music to Your Ears

Where There's Smoke—A new University-area hookah bar called Hunab Hookah is catering to the 18-plus crowd with live music. (Don't fret, there's no booze at this place—just flavored tobacco called "shisha.") The space is at 3400 Constitution NE, just west of Carlisle, which you may remember has housed several coffee bar-lounge-type establishments over the past several years, including the popular but short-lived Café Riviera. Give it a spin this weekend as local hippies Meat the Vegans play a CD release show on Saturday, March 10. The show is listed from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m., but that seems like a typo. Maybe it’s not. $4 at the door gets you in. Call 232-0223 for more details, or log on to

There's Fire—Like a stoner rock band that leaned a little too close to a satanic bonfire, Dead On Point Five is ignited in a cloak of frenzied, metal carnage. The band has been satisfying lovers of loud in Albuquerque for years but, frustratingly, has never backed up their considerable number of live shows and tour dates with a full-length CD. Until now.

Dead On Point Five signed with Montana-based crusty-grind-metal Vagotonia Records ( and, with their help, will release a debut album this week, followed by a big honking two-part tour.

By now the band is an old hand at touring, with about a dozen trips under their belts from Portland to New Orleans and back again. And from what I've listened to, their 11-song album is as relentless as their touring ethic; a hard, fast ride, shredded to smithereens by the band's ringleader and demonic guitarist, Dom (formerly of Jacobins and Beefcake In Chains, and currently hustling for 668 and Pan!c).

Get an earful (and then some) this Saturday, March 10, at Atomic Cantina. Into the Quick and Muso will open.

(SXSW) Coverage You Can Count On—The Alibi's sister music website is devoting a whole section of its forum to Austin’s South by Southwest music festival, set for March 14-18 this year. Our Calendars Editor and reigning SXSW correspondent Amy Dalness will be making daily appearances on Rocksquawk to upload stories, interviews and photos live from Austin. Any New Mexico bands or music fans attending the festival are invited to join in the blogging free-for-all, too. Log on to and watch the action unfold.