Alibi V.16 No.13 • March 29-April 4, 2007 

Music to Your Ears

Romeo Needs a Name—My favorite three-car-garage lotharios, Romeo Goes To Hell, are practically naked right now, having rejected the band name they've rocked for the last five years. I enjoy publicly humiliating them, so let's all listen in on their innermost musings on the subject, shall we? From the band's forum, as posted by bassist, vocalist, art director and songwriting/sex machine, Levi Eleven.

Romeo Goes To Hell is changing its name, for the following reasons:

1) Some cyber-squatter bought the domain until 2010, and wants many hundreds of dollars to sell it back to us. When we got the website I was young and stupid and did it through Yahoo, which meant Yahoo, not us, owned the domain and gives them some claim to the name. When I tried to cancel my plan, they sold it out from us to some broker who holds names hostage.

2) It's too long. It is hard to fit on CD covers, buttons, stickers, etc. Even when we are headlining a show, our name is smaller than the other bands on the flyers. Tough to design for, a hassle to say.

3) People get it wrong. I've heard us called "Romeo Must Die" or "Romeo In Hell" on The Edge, 94 Rock, in conversation ...

4) New lineup (minus Rexx), new songs, new merch (we are almost out of the old stuff and will be selling it super cheap the next few shows), new album (as soon as we have a name we are setting the release date). If we are gonna do it, now is the time.

5) I never liked the name. It sounds pretty emo/indie, and with the lineup changes, me quitting my other band and rolling some of those songs over to this one, it doesn't fit us anymore (if it ever did).

So there. I hope this doesn't alienate any of our "fans"* but it is going to happen. We have a short list of new names and should have one picked by this time next week.


So, not that they asked, but what do you think the band formerly known as Romeo Goes To Hell should be called? Post your suggestions at the bottom of this article at If Levi, Rachel, Noelan and King Dog pick your name, we'll reward you and the band with an exciting prize package (to be determined, and possibly constructed, later in an alcoholic blackout. It'll be good, whatever it is.) Put on your thinking caps and we’ll see you at the bar!