Alibi V.17 No.9 • Feb 28-March 5, 2008 

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Scared of Chaka Reunion FAQ

Regular readers of the blog already know it, and now you do, too. Seminal Albuquerque punk trio Scared of Chaka is reuniting for one show on March 28, at the Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nev. It's the first time Yanul Hernandez (now known far and wide as Dave Hernandez), Dameon Waggoner (now Dameon Lee) and Ron Skrasek (still Ron Skrasek) have played together in 10 years. You have questions. I have answers.

Where in god's name is Virginia City?

It's on the western edge of Nevada, about a half-hour south of Reno.

OK, what's in Virginia City?

Not much. About 2,000 people and one of the world's largest ore bodies. But it's also the home of a dude named Sticker Pete and his label, 702 Records (or Seven-O-Two Records), which carried Scared of Chaka through its infancy. SOC's first and still extremely ass-kicking album, Hutch Brown Sayngwich, was a 702 release. So was the Scared of Chaka EP, How to Lose, and 7-inch splits with Flake Music and The Gain.

Why is Scared of Chaka playing there and not here?

Sticker Pete is organizing a big weekend-long bash to celebrate the 15th anniversary of 702 Records. He's flying his favorite 702 bands out to play the show, some of whom aren't together any longer, including Scared of Chaka. This is a one-shot deal. The bands are doing it for fun, sure, but it's really all for Pete. I wouldn't get too excited about a full-blown reunion with additional shows or recordings.

What's the lineup like?

The March 28 show has Scared of Chaka, The Spits and The Bananas. The following night in Reno (the venue's still TBA), the lineup includes The Gain (its first show in about 10 years), The Troublemakers (another 15-year anniversary) and The Rippers (from Italy). There'll also probably be a day party on Saturday in Virginia City with some more bands.

Can I go?

Yes! And tickets are cheap, only $10 per night, but they're expected to sell out. You can get the tickets and more updates on the anniversary bash at But do it quick!

Cool, thanks!

No sweat. Maybe I'll see you there.