Punky Cinema Quiz: Match the movies to the musicians that appeared in them
 Alibi V.18 No.45 • Nov 5-11, 2009 

Music Quiz

Punky Cinema

Film Guide special! Match the movies to the musicians that appeared in them

It's a known law of the universe that the actors-turned-rockers will nearly always be met with disrespect (Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves), whereas filmic forays made by musicians are generally accepted as interesting novelties (Iggy Pop, Tom Waits). Below lie 30 films that contain lead roles or small cameos by bands or musicians. Oi!

1) Basquiat (1996): A junkie graffiti artist gets famous.

2) Cold Mountain (2003): Civil War-era Odyssey.

3) Cry-Baby (1990): A greaser goes for the good girl—à la John Waters.

4) The Dead Pool (1988): A Dirty Harry installment.

5) The Doors (1991): Jim Morrison rocks, parties and shares deep thoughts.

6) Everything Is Illuminated (2005): Young American Jew goes to Ukraine to unearth a WWII tale.

7) Flame (1975): Glam bands war in Northern England.

8) Foxes (1980): Four teen girls come of age in the San Fernando Valley—sex, drugs and rock ’n' roll ensue.

9) The Hunger (1983): A vampire begins to age.

10) The King of Comedy (1982): Aspiring comic stalks his idol.

11) Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (1981): All-girl teen punk band tours with an aging glam band and an up-and-coming British punk band.

12) Lost Highway (1997): David Lynch weirdness; Patricia Arquette hotness.

13) Mystery Train (1989): Elvis-loving Japanese couple goes to Jarmusch’s Memphis.

14) Ned Kelly (1970): Oz's most famous criminal goes on an adventure.

15) The Outsiders (1983): Fifties-era gang violence.

16) Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985): Pee Wee Herman must recover his stolen bike.

17) Quadrophenia (1979): Mods vs. rockers.

18) Repo Man (1984): Punk rock science fiction.

19) Roadie (1980): Texas electrician savant fixes a tour bus and becomes a roadie.

20) Scrooged! (1988): Bill Murray discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

21) Singles (1992): Seattle-based rom-com grungesploitation.

22) Smithereens (1982): Girl seeks fame in NYC, gets with punk singers, scorns true love.

23) Suburbia (1984): Teenage runaways bond over music and tragedy.

24) True Stories (1986): Wacky Texans.

25) Tuff Turf (1985): Former rich kid clashes with thugs at his new school.

26) Under the Cherry Moon (1986): True love is saboteur amid efforts to freeload in France.

27) Valley Girl (1983): Punk meets prom.

28) Videodrome (1983): Television in the future turns sinister.

29) Wings of Desire (1987): A Berlin angel falls in love with a human; Peter Falk plays Peter Falk.

30) 200 Motels (1971): A silly tale of life on the road.

a. Iggy Pop

b. Marilyn Manson, Henry Rollins

c. David Johansen

d. Eugene Hütz

e. Richard Hell

f. Meat Loaf, Alice Cooper, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams Jr., Blondie

g. Flea, D.I., T.S.O.L., The Vandals

h. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains

i. Circle Jerks, Jimmy Buffett

j. Mick Jagger

k. Billy Idol

l. Prince

m. Debbie Harry

n. Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Joe Strummer, Tom Waits

o. David Bowie, Bauhaus

p. David Bowie, Courtney Love

q. Sting

r. Twisted Sister

s. Cherie Currie

t. Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Keith Moon, Ringo Starr

u. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

v. Jack White

w. David Byrne

x. Steve Jones and Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Paul Simonon (The Clash), Vince Welnick and Fee Waybill (The Tubes), Black Randy and the Metrosquad

y. The Clash

z. Guns N' Roses

aa. Jim Carroll Band

bb. The Plimsouls

cc. Slade

dd. Tom Waits


1) p. 2) v. 3) a. 4) z. 5) k. 6) d. 7) cc. 8) s. 9) o. 10) y. 11) x. 12) b. 13) n. 14) j. 15) dd. 16) r. 17) q. 18) i. 19) f. 20) c. 21) h. 22) e. 23) g. 24) w. 25) aa. 26) l. 27) bb. 28) m. 29) u. 30) t.