Music Playlist: Song Roulette
 Alibi V.18 No.46 • Nov 12-18, 2009 

Music Playlist

Song Roulette

Song Roulette is a new column wherein a person is asked to put his or her music library on shuffle, share the first five tracks that appear and say a few words about them. No cheating!

Due to article rearrangement this week, my first victim was postponed, so it was suggested I sacrifice myself. Below is the (only slightly embarrassing) sampling from my collection.

1) “Things Are What You Make Of Them” • Bishop Allen • Charm School

This band is so twee. The first time I heard this song was after a boozy Sunday afternoon wherein my friend Summer and I watched The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years then got all pumped on Bishop Allen. Weird.

2) “Hold Me” • Menudo • La Historia

Eew. For some reason I have a grip of Menudo. Terrible music, terrible dish. Though, I can see listening to this in certain situations, such as a party where people are desperate to dance to anything from the '80s. Or at a party populated by a bunch of Puerto Rican bottoms.

3) “Visions” • Cut Copy • In Ghost Colours

This is a one-minute interlude by an Australian electro band. It's the kind of thing that, in the ancient days of the mix tape, I would have included for filler if 45 seconds remained at the end. The band itself is OK, but I don't really sit around listening to them.

4) “Obstacle 1” • Interpol • Turn on the Bright Lights

Ugh. How very ordinary. Of course I listen to Interpol. Ever pay attention to the lyrics? That's some silly shit.

5) “Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now” • The Smiths • Hatful Of Hollow

Speaking of mix tapes, this song was on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack, which I owned in junior high, so it was a resident on many mixes. I love Morrissey’s gratuitously long song titles.