Alibi V.18 No.53 • Dec 31-Jan 6, 2009 

Music Playlist

Song Roulette

As a graphic artist, animator, toast-lover and member of the Alibi’s art department, Jeff Drew is a man of many hats—metaphorically and literally. When he’s not making art or analyzing the quality of various Downtown sandwiches, he makes jams under the name Caribou Music. He also has an excellent personal playlist series entitled Found Objects. Below is a sample of Drew’s shuffled tunes.

1) “Turn It Loose” • Steady B • Let The Hustlers Play

“Hip-hop was great in ’88! This was what I was rockin' as a freshman in high school. I'm still feelin' it.”

2) “New York Groove” • Ace Frehley • Ace Frehley

“I remember getting all four of the KISS solo albums for my birthday when I was just a little kid. I wore the needle out on this song.”

3) “The Back Side of Dallas” • Jeannie C. Riley • Things Go Better With Love

“1969 country go-go music. This reminds me of the song Kristen Wiig and Paul Rudd sang during a sketch on ‘SNL.’ ”

4) “Hey” • Pixies • Doolittle

“Hard to believe how awesome the Pixies are. I'll be listening to this when I'm 90.”

5) “The Whistler” • Mongo Santamaria • Mongo ’70

“Once upon a time, I bought this album for loose change at a garage sale and got a billion dollars’ worth of Latin funk for my trunk.”