Alibi V.19 No.9 • March 4-10, 2010 

Music Playlist

Song Roulette

Song Roulette

Returning from a hiatus, Song Roulette sought out the random selections of Ms. Jill McArthur—former drummer extraordinaire for a handful of lauded local bands including The Foxx, The Grave of Nobody’s Darling and The Mindy Set. (She’s also a stylist responsible for many beautiful haircuts, and she’s a snappy dresser, too.) At the end of this month Jill picks up and moves to New York City. We bid her a fond farewell and wish her the best of luck in the big city.

1) “City Middle” • The National • Alligator

“Great band, great album. This is one of their slower, sweeter songs. I've been known to skip past this track due to my current bitter nature.”

2) “I'm Amazed” • My Morning Jacket • Evil Urges

“One of my favorite bands. I do have to say when I purchased this album I wasn't impressed, but this song helped it grow on me.”

3) “We Lost the Albatross” • Say Hi • The Wishes and the Glitch

“See, now you know I'm not cheating. I would have left this one out, but I've got a closet obsession with nerdy, pretentious songwriters. The best part about this song is how short it is.”

4) “Wide Awake” • The Meeting Places • Find Yourself Along the Way

“Mmmm. Great driving music.”

5) “Heavy Weather” • Jarvis Cocker • Jarvis

“I love this man. What else can I say? He can do no wrong in my book. All of you washed-up Pulp fans need to get up off your arses and go get this album. This song is a great representation of Cocker's post-Pulp triumph. I'm off to go swoon somewhere by myself now.”