Alibi V.19 No.18 • May 6-12, 2010 

Song Roulette

David Hevener of Gnossurrus

David Hevener is a preschool teacher and the guitarist, vocalist and mystic rattle player for Santa Fe’s Gnossurrus. The robe-cloaked mystic-prophecy metal band is releasing its first album, Beast of Destiny, this Saturday at Burt’s. To get a feel for some of Gnossurrus’ inspiration, take a look-see at five random tracks from Hevener’s collection.

1) Magma • "Köhntarkösz, Part 2" • Köhntarkösz

“True prophets of opera metal from another planet, Magma is a must-have. A Gnossurrus progenitor discovered after we'd begun.”

2) Slough Feg • "Simian Manifesto" • Ape Uprising!

“A band that taps into the same resurgent atavistic wisdom from which the Beast of Destiny was born—and have fucking fun doing it.”

3) Hammers of Misfortune • "The Prophesy Has Two Meanings" • The Bastard

“Epic, complex, visionary, theatrical thrash metal from San Francisco. It satisfies. It inspires. Total music.”

4) Manilla Road • "The Riddle Master" • Crystal Logic

“O.G. underground fantasy metal from Wichita, Kan. Feel their lust for drama rumble between your thighs.”

5) Melvins • "The Smiling Cobra” • Nude with Boots

“No one masters idiosyncrasy, heaviness and knee-jerk rhythms like these legendary diehards.”