Alibi V.19 No.27 • July 8-14, 2010 

Song Roulette

A Hawk & A Hacksaw is about to embark on a grand tour of Europe, beginning in Austria and making more than a score of stops in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany (see to learn more about the band’s travels). But before the noted folk act departs fair Albuquerque, Heather Trost and Jeremy Barnes will play an all-ages show at The Kosmos (1715 Fifth Street NW) on Friday, July 9, at 8 p.m. Below, find out what wonderful foreign things show up in Trost and Barnes’ shuffled songs—commented upon collectively.

1) "Kathakali, Part 2" • N. Paramasiva • World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol. 7: India

“This is a Northern Indian song from the World Library of Folk and Primitive Music. We became interested in Northern Indian Music while dining at an Indian Restaurant in Liverpool. We asked the waiter about the songs, and he ended up compiling a bunch of CDs of North Indian music for us and mailing them to New Mexico.”

2) "White Rabbit" • Jefferson Airplane • Surrealistic Pillow

“Definitely one of the few San Francisco bands of the late ’60s that I can stand. Everyone speaks so highly of that scene, but I find what was happening in Los Angeles to be much more interesting—Captain Beefheart, Love, The Doors, The Beach Boys, Frank Zappa and The United States of America were all living there.”

3) "De-ar fi Noaptea trei Conace" • Ion Albesteanu • Ion Albesteanu si Orchestra Sa

“Albesteanu is one of the great violinists from Romania.”

4) "Sirba" • Ion Petre Stoican • Sounds From a Bygone Age, Vol. 1

“Another great Romanian violinist from the ’60s. He was rewarded with the opportunity to record an album by the Socialist State because he managed to catch a highly sought-after Western spy.”

5) "Forget About" • Sibylle Baier • Colour Green

“Sibylle Baier, a German songwriter from the ’70s, released one album, recorded on a reel-to-reel in her bedroom. It has echoes of Nico and Nick Drake and immediately dropped into obscurity. It was re-released last year in the U.S. and has achieved a cult following here.”