Alibi V.19 No.38 • Sept 23-29, 2010 

Song Roulette

*****’s random tracks

***** is the front man for the local heaviness that is Music is the Enemy. ***** declines to be named because of the subversive nature of his music project, which releases its first album at an all-ages Treehouse show this Saturday, and a 21-and-over Burt’s Tiki Lounge show on Oct. 2 (next Saturday). Below you’ll find five random tracks that he likes ... whoever he is.

1) “12/23/93” • Poison The Well • The Opposite of December

"Poison The Well taught me that a double kick is the only instrument you ever really need. Without this band I probably wouldn't still be listening to shitty punk rock. I'd probably be jamming Coldplay."

2) “Mommy's At The Grocery Store” • Sick Lipstick • Sting Sting Sting

"Perfect music to clear out a party. Chances are you’re not getting laid, though. Unless she’s into that sort of thing. In that case you’re in for a weird night. I wouldn't know. I still have both my kidneys."

3) “In The Yard Behind The Church” • Eels • Blinking Lights And Other Revelations

"The Eels are simple. They have a song called ‘I Like Birds.’ And really, who doesn't? What's not to like? I mean come on, the dodo was so cool it was limited edition."

4) “Mere Your Pathetique Light” • Mono • Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined

"What I remember most about Mono is the live show. At times it’s so quiet you can hear the person next to you shift their weight then all of a sudden is so loud you're pretty sure your going to crap yourself. But you know that if you just let loose right there you'll be in for some sad times, so you hold it and it builds and builds. Then finally you reach a safe place and you feel most triumphant. I'd say that's a pretty accurate analogy."

5) “Plutonium” • Sole • Selling Live Water

"Sole is my favorite musician that will play a show in mustard-stained sweat pants. He may not be a pretty man but he did give me the best advice I've ever heard, ‘Look out for the white girl suicide bombers.’ Seriously, they’re coming. You will be able to hear them from miles away, but at that point it's probably too late."