Alibi V.19 No.52 • Dec 30-Jan 5, 2010 

Year in Review: Music

Nick Brown’s Year-End Glork

The Alibi’s resident cryptid enthusiast shares his favorite songs of 2010

1) "Constellations" • Darwin Deez • “Constellations EP”

He wears a headband.

2) "Too Much" • Sufjan Stevens • The Age of Adz

He makes his computer wear an angel costume.

3) "Bitter Pill" • Mt. Desolation • Mt. Desolation

Dramatic doo dah.

4) "Jackrabbits" • Joanna Newsom • Have One On Me

I just want “The Sprout and The Bean” again.

5) "October" • Broken Bells • Broken Bells


6) "Too Many Miracles" • Badly Drawn Boy • It’s What I’m Thinking: Photographing Snowflakes

BDB is reborn as Neil Diamond riding a dinosaur.

7) "Smashing Guitars" • Speaker Speaker • unreleased demo

We’re happy where we are, thanks.

8) "Desire Lines" • Deerhunter • Halcyon Digest

Swirly. I bet they’ve never held a rifle.

9) “When I Come Home • The Drums • The Drums

Set the knobs to The Beach Boys and Depeche Mode.

10) “What's It In For?” • Avi Buffalo • Avi Buffalo

How can a song be so good when they’re too young to drink?