Alibi V.20 No.29 • July 21-27, 2011 

Song Roulette

Random tracks from Cultura Fuerte

Cultura Fuerte has been making Latin hip-hop here in New Mexico since 2005. On Saturday, July 23, the seven-piece releases its second album, Quiero Ser Libre. Ohm, Def Rare, Giz, Physics, NewMex.icon and Shakedown open the 21-and-over show at the Launchpad (618 Central SW) at 9 p.m. Cultura Fuerte members Marco Sandoval (percussion/vocals) and Andrea Serrano (hand percussion / spoken word) shared iPod shuffling duties, which resulted in the random tracks below.

1) “Sucedio en la Barranca” • José Alfredo Jimenez • Serie Platino

Marco: “José Alfredo Jimenez articulates pain like no other artist ever has. He's the strongest link to my Mexican heritage. Grab a bottle of tequila and get ready to sob.”

2) “Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life” • Indeep • [Single]

Andrea: “This is a great track, especially because we can all relate to that ‘one time’ a DJ threw on a track that made the whole night better.”

3) “Me Gustas Tu” • Manu Chao • Próxima Estación: Esperanza

Marco: “If love is a revolution, Manu Chao is the soundtrack (mixed in with some good, dirty lyrics). Manu Chao has the right balance of being known worldwide and remaining underground, and I aspire to follow him in that.”

4) “I Can't Wait” • Nu Shooz • Poolside

Andrea: “This song is a classic and captures some of the best sounds of the ’80s. The bass line is infectious and it's easily one of the most danceable records I've ever heard. It's rare that I'm at a show or a party and this song doesn't get played.”

5) “El Rey” • Bocafloja • A Titulo Personal

Andrea: “Bocafloja is one of the most prolific emcees to come out of Latin America. His lyrics are conscious, his beats are fresh, and whether he's sampling Héctor Lavoe, Compay Segundo or even classical music, he is always on point. ‘El Rey’ is one of his best tracks.”