Alibi V.20 No.39 • Sept 29-Oct 5, 2011 

Song Roulette

Mondo Vibrations live at the Launchpad
Mondo Vibrations live at the Launchpad

Mondo Vibrations’ Random Tracks

Kenny Cernius is a guitar player and the lead singer for Burque reggae rock band Mondo Vibrations. On Friday, Sept. 30, the five-piece will be unveiling its debut album, Dazed, at the Launchpad. In anticipation of the party, we asked Cernius to share five tracks selected randomly by his MP3 player. Below are the results, which hold the record for Briefest Song Roulette Commentary Yet.

1) “Buddy Holly” • Weezer • Weezer

"Good song to jam while on a stroll."

2) “The Blackest Incarnation” • The Black Dahlia Murder • Unhallowed

"Feel like fighting?"

3) “Negative Outlook” • The Unseen • Explode

"Circle pit!!!"

4) “B.O.O.T.” • Pepper • Kona Town

"I’ve put down some beers jammin’ this song."

5) “Win, Lose or Draw” • The Allman Brothers Band • Win, Lose or Draw

"Good reminder to not get caught."