Song Roulette: Adios, Jenny Gamble Edition
 Alibi V.20 No.50 • Dec 15-21, 2011 

Song Roulette

Adios, Jenny Gamble Edition

Jenny Gamble
Jenny Gamble

Singer/songwriter Jenny Gamble has been a gal about Albuquerque-town for 17 years. But this month she’s putting on a kilt and moving to bonnie Scotland. “I became a musician, a producer and promoter here in New Mexico,” she says via email. “The experiences I have had will serve me in my life forever, and the friends I have made will stay in my heart forever.” Gamble’s last New Mexico show—for a while, if not forever she says—is on Saturday, Dec. 17, beginning at 8 p.m., free and all-ages at Brickyard Pizza (2216 Central SE). This is the same address where she played her first New Mexico show 17 years ago, back when it was Fat Chance. Joining Gamble are Kimo, Shawn Loudermilk, Jenny Wren and Gil Sanchez. Gamble’s set will be accompanied by Chris Dracup and James Whiton (who plays with Tom Waits and the Eric McFadden Trio). While she’s still in the country, we asked Gamble to put her music library on shuffle. Below are random results and her commentary.

Adios, Jenny Gamble—thanks for all the music!

1) “Artifact” • DJ Shadow • The Outsider

“Besides Einstein from Ugly Duckling, this is by far one of my most favorite DJs. This song has a steady rhythm that moves fast and makes me want to jump up and down. Generally one that gets me ready for anything the day has to offer.”

2) “All That I’m Living For” • Evanescence • The Open Door

“What the hell was I ever thinking when I decided to download this album, and pay for it? Her voice makes me want to lick the sidewalk on Central. All I keep thinking about right now is, How I can erase this and make more room on my jam-packed hard drive?”

3) “Nothingman” • Pearl Jam • Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003

“I actually just got this a few months ago. I was reliving my high school days, and feel like the 30 songs I got was a good buy.”

4) “Crocante Habanero” • Celia Cruz & La Sonora Matancera • The Best of Celia Cruz

“By far one of the very best salsa singers the world ever saw. Unfortunately she passed in 2003. A Cuban-American goddess and is the only real reason I ever wanted to learn salsa or speak Spanish.”

5) “Shadowboxer” • Fiona Apple • Tidal

“This is such a great song. Apple has a sexy, sultry voice and is absolutely a timeless part of my music collection.”