Music Chambers
 Alibi V.21 No.10 • March 8-14, 2012 

Music to Your Ears

Music Chambers

Where does your vinyl sleep? Do you have a favorite guitar-playin’ chair? Is there a shrine to Gram Parsons tucked away in your attic? Whether it’s a full room or a tiny vignette, we want to see images of the places where you practice, enjoy or obsess over music. Staged or unstaged photos are fine as long as they’re of reasonable resolution, decently composed and have visual interest.

Here’s an example—a communal listening station in the Alibi offices. You wouldn’t believe the sound quality of the portable Fisher-Price (terrible).

Send images to with “music chambers” in the subject field or post them to the Weekly Alibi’s Facebook page. We look forward to seeing your audiovisual creativity.