Alibi V.21 No.18 • May 3-9, 2012 

Aural Fixation

Songs About the Heavens

I embarked upon this playlist just like others I’ve made—e.g., scary songs, songs about glitter, birds of prey songs—under the assumption that putting it together would be easy. Not so. As it turns out, the majority of music that deals with the zodiac is of the jazz or hip-hop persuasion. I wanted to make a rock and roll astrology mix in honor of this week’s feature (“Sign Language,” read here). As a result, some of the songs are only vaguely star-based, but, to quote Paul Stanley, “Do I care?” Listen to this mix at

1) "Star Sign" • Teenage Fanclub • Bandwagonesque

Glaswegian power pop.

2) "C'mon and Love Me" • Kiss • Dressed to Kill

"She's a dancer / a romancer / I'm a Capricorn, she's a Cancer" ... stripped-down '70s Kiss is the best kind of Kiss.

3) "Born Under a Bad Sign" • Albert King • Stax / Volt—The Complete Singles 1959-1968—Vol. 7

Life if hard. Stax makes it better.

4) "By the Light of the Magical Moon" • T. Rex • Best of BBC Recordings

It's almost as if all T. Rex songs have to do with the zodiac—or at least the cosmos and riding through it on a mythical beast.

5) "Cancer" • Subhumans • Ep-Lp

Anarchist U.K. punk from the ’80s. This song isn't about the star sign.

6) "Stars" • The Clean • Getaway

New Zealand post-punk released via Merge, not Flying Nun.

7) "Taurus Moaner" • The Charlatans UK • "Then"

Star-crossed ’90s Brit-pop.

8) "Gemini Syringes" • The Flaming Lips • Embryonic

An enjoyable track from a consistently spacey and ostensibly obnoxious band. Dr. Thorsten Wörmann discusses infinity.

9) "Zodiac Girls (Pony Version)" • Black Moth Super Rainbow • Drippers

Kraut rock-inspired psychedelia. You may want to stop listening now and go explore the Black Moth Super Rainbow universe.

10) "When It's Over" • The Soft Moon • The Soft Moon

Psyched-out post-punk.

11) "Queen of Eyes" • The Soft Boys • Underwater Moonlight

The Soft Moon reminded me of The Soft Boys. This 1980 British punk/new wave album is fab.

12) "Satellite" • The Brian Jonestown Massacre • Give It Back!

Metaphysical, cosmic rock and roll.

Listen to this playlist: