Alibi V.21 No.39 • Sept 27-Oct 3, 2012 

Aural Fixation

Breakup Mix

I’m not breaking up with anybody. I’m just breaking up with my job, so I made you this mix. We’ll always have the music!

1) "You're Gonna Miss Me" • The 13th Floor Elevators • The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators

Here Roky Erikson expresses perfectly the indignation involved in being emotionally abandoned.

2) "Girl Don't Tell Me" • The Beach Boys • Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)

The excellent B-side to the highly annoying cover "Barbara Ann." I promise to write!

3) "Sorrow" • David Bowie • Pin Ups

Bowie laments an abusive woman in this cover of a merseybeat track.

4) "Sonic Reducer" • Dead Boys • Young Loud and Snotty

Not necessarily a relationship song, but a good soundtrack for being angry at someone. Plus I had to—get it?! You know, the column?

5) "Look Back In Anger" • Television Personalities • And Don't The Kids Just Love It

The last track on one of the best albums ever—a fine piece of protopunk dealing with regrets and, indeed, anger.

6) "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" • Johnny Thunders • So Alone

Self-loathing, hopelessness and amazing hair.

7) "Telephone Line" • Electric Light Orchestra • A New World Record

She's never going to talk to you again, Jeff Lynne.

8) "Superstar" • Carpenters • Carpenters

Full-on heartbreak in sugary, easy listeningsville.

9) "Breakaway" • Irma Thomas • Soul Queen of New Orleans

This is a jumpy little number about not being able to leave someone who's mean to you.

10) "Shivers" • Hamachshefot and Nick Cave • Mitkasot

Israeli musician Inbal Perlmuter covers and duets with Nick Cave on this Boys Next Door-era song.

11) "Feel a Whole Lot Better" • Flamin' Groovies • Now

A Byrds cover about being better off without you.

12) "Part Company" • The Go-Betweens • Spring Hill Fair

Breaking up, administered through the fully appealing conduit of Australian '80s indie pop.

13) "Take Me With You" • Morphine • The Night

A song about leaving.

14) "Baby Blue" • Chocolate Watch Band • The Inner Mystique

A cover of Them’s take on Bob Dylan, far superior than previous versions.

15) "The Universal" • Blur • The Great Escape

Just let them go.

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