Alibi V.21 No.48 • Nov 29-Dec 5, 2012 

Song Roulette

Golden Girl and Friends Throw No Fun Dance Party

Jessica Stone, a.k.a. DJ Bea
Jessica Stone, a.k.a. DJ Bea

Jessica Stone chose her DJ handle, Bea, based on her love for all things old lady: cross-stitch, vintage records and, yes, actress Bea Arthur of “The Golden Girls.” Her regular live gig is the monthly No Fun Dance Party at Blackbird Buvette, co-hosted by former Alibi Music Editor Jessica Cassyle Carr and her husband, Brian Keith. Stone grew up in the Heights, graduated from Eldorado and went on to study film at UNM. She works full-time on the financial side of the New Mexico film industry, in part on dark drama “Breaking Bad.”

Stone tends to focus on both classic and revival garage rock, Northern soul and post-punk, but her random tracks reveal an eclectic music collection. Recent vinyl acquisitions include records by The Yardbirds, Prince, The Pointer Sisters, Tandoori Knights and The Monkees. Stone spins this week at Nob Hill Shop & Stroll, No Fun Dance Party and a benefit for new female-focused newspaper Neblina.

“Getting Down” • The Kills • Midnight Boom

Great song. Great album. Great band. This song reminds me of deejaying at The Universal [at Burt’s Tiki Lounge] with Yvonne Holden, a.k.a. DJ Eve, and Jessica Cassyle Carr. Plus, I love the line “getting down with the awkward moments,” as my life is a continuous awkward moment.

“Contender” • The Pains of Being Pure at Heart • The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I recently went through a breakup with the guy who took me to see this band. This song is about a dude who won't date for fear of a broken heart. Anyone else detect that tinge of irony?

“I Can’t Get Away From You” • The Remains • Diddy Wah Diddy

This is ‘60s garage rock, you beautiful thing. I love dancing to and deejaying this song. Check out The Remains’ documentary, America's Lost Band.

“Younger Than Yesterday” • Real Estate • Days

Real Estate puts a fast smile on my face. Damn you, catchy guitar riffs and soothing vocals. I feel like I'm napping in an Instagrammed field where butterflies swarm and Ty Segall is the big spoon to my little one.

“Bochicha” • Dom • Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

Bochicha is his cat. I'm going to write a song called, “You want to see another picture of Cecil?”

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