Alibi V.22 No.20 • May 16-22, 2013 

Aural Fixation

Mixed Drink Tape

Songs in the key of booze

Celebrating the consumption of alcohol in a state with as much DWI tragedy as ours should be done with a tad of temperance. I crowdsourced some of these tunes, and I also tried to present tracks that both glorify getting sotted and those that dwell on the darker side of alcoholism. Stream this playlist in its entirety at: Enjoy this mix—and the sauce—responsibly.

"Underneath the Bottle" • Lou Reed • The Blue Mask

This is Lou Reed at his charming, libertine best. He's so bad that he's gone past bad and back to sacrosanct.

"Summer Wine" • Nancy Sinatra with Lee Hazlewood • “Summer Wine”/“Sugar Town” 7-inch

Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring—euphemism or not—sounds like a top-shelf recipe.

“La Bière”• Jacques Brel • Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel’s vox could make rubbing alcohol sound like Cristal.

“There's a Tear in My Beer” • The The • Hanky Panky

Minimalist, ennui-laden rendition of Hank Williams' oft-covered classic.

“Relief is Just a Swallow Away” • George Jones • Cup of Loneliness: The Classic Mercury Years

The Possum inimitably delivers a paean to alcoholic anodyne.

“Dim Lights, Thick Smoke” • Marty Stuart • Once Upon a Time

Marty Stuart revisits one of his fave teenage tunes to sublime effect.

“Jockey Full of Bourbon” • Tom Waits • Rain Dogs

“Flamingo drinking from a cocktail glass/ I’m on the lawn with someone else’s wife.”

“Baptize Me in Wine” • Screamin’ Jay Hawkins • Screamin’ the Blues

“If wine’s gonna kill me, I don’t mind dyin’. ...”

“Drink!” • They Might Be Giants • Mink Car

“Let’s drink, drink/ This town is so great/ Drink, drink, ‘cause it’s never too late. ...”

“Who Drank My Beer” • The Church Keys • Work With It!!!

Obscure Goner Records act covers Dave Bartholomew’s indictment of beer moochers.

“Whiskey” • Brown Hornet • Greatest Hits

“Drinking whiskey in my closet ...”

“Drunk & Crazy” • Fang • Landshark/Where the Wild Things Are

Cali hardcore punk band shrieks about alcohol’s dampening effects on inhibitions.

“Stinking Drunk” • Big Black • Atomizer

“Like swimming, like sex, like a kick in the bag/ Like a fistfight/ Think it’s time I got stinking drunk. ...”

“I Ain’t Drunk” • Lonnie “The Cat” • Rhythm Rockin' Blues

“But you’re so high. ...”

“Quiet Whiskey” • Wynonie Harris • Good Rockin’ Blues

“Whiskey, whiskey, on the shelf/ You were so quiet there by yourself/ Things were fine ‘til they took you down/ Opened you up and passed you around. ...”