Alibi V.12 No.48 • Nov 27-Dec 3, 2003 

Music Article

The Mekons Punk Rock (Quarterstick)

The legendary Mekons have dusted off 15 songs written during their brief flirtation with punk rock back in the '70s and recorded them nearly 30 years later, professing a new interest in one of rock's most misunderstood, over-hyped and, sadly, tired genres. The resulting album sounds dated, of course, but deliciously so. Punk Rock is essential listening for punk fans who gracefully bowed out of the cultural phenomenon before commercialization and lame-ass hyperbole killed the music, which is to say shortly after the Clash released their last great record, 1982's Combat Rock: four years after the Ramones' last great gasp.

Release date: Jan.11