Alibi V.12 No.52 • Dec 25-31, 2003 

Music Article

Various Artists Astor Piazzolla Remixed (Milan)

Astor Piazzolla, Argentinean tango master and the man responsible for introducing the form to dance floors and concert halls worldwide, has been dead nearly 15 years. But his musical genius and richly hued legacy lives on in this remarkable set. Contemporary elctronica artists—Koop, 2 Banks of 4, Fantasista, Nickodemus and Osiris and many others—were given original masters from which to create remixes of classic Piazzolla works. The results vary from trippy, neo-psychedelic groove to deep house, and all 15 tracks are genuinely stunning. An album of the original tracks reinterpreted here is forthcoming. This one truly kicks ass.

Release date: out now