Alibi V.13 No.25 • June 17-23, 2004 

Music Magnified

Band It Together

The Mountainside YMCA showcases local bands

Unit 7 Drain
Unit 7 Drain

Friday, June 18; Mountainside YMCA (12500 Comanche NE, 292-2298, all ages, 7 p.m.): I've long held that the “Battle of the Bands” is one of the worst concepts ever spewed forth. It does nothing but pit loca bands against each other and create animosity when what's really needed is unity. Thank the Baby Jesus that the YMCA got it right. “Band It” is a music showcase in which eight local bands will appear on one stage to perform their original music for an audience of their peers and a few older folks like myself.

Participating bands include Solvolysis, Set Against, No Dice, One for Hope, JTC, Someday, Whatsoever and local heroes Unit 7 Drain. Sets are scheduled to last approximately 20 to 25 minutes, except for Unit 7 Drain who will play for about 45 minutes. There's tons of variety to be had in a safe environment and tickets are only $5—that's 63 cents per band, cheapskate. Call the number above for more information.