Alibi V.13 No.26 • June 24-30, 2004 

Music Magnified

Mr. Stinky Feet

Jim Cosgrove returns to Albuquerque

Jim Cosgrove

Tuesday, June 29-Friday, July 2; Various Albuquerque Public Library Locations (all ages, 11 a.m., see below for times and branch locations): It's summer. School's out. And by now, your kids are likely driving you up the wall. When was the last time you took them to a public library? And when was the last time you took them there not just to check out books, but to check out some great children's music as well? If you're sick of hearing junior repeat the “Barney Theme” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” over and over again, children's music maestro extraordinaire (and University of New Mexico grad) Jim Cosgrove could save your life.

Cosgrove's gleeful children's tunes cover all the good kid's stuff—from dinosaurs to hiccups—with humor and plenty of room for active participation. Cosgrove himself is gifted with the ability to communicate with children on a level that's more peer than parent, and his cache of solo guitar-based songs are as pleasing for adults as they are for their kids.

Cosgrove's five CDs are a must for any children's collection, and his live show engages kids so thoroughly you might find out you're raising a bona fide pop diva-in-the-making. Cosgrove's shows are perfect family events, and the perfect antidote to the purple dinosaur rut.

6/29—Alamosa, 11 a.m./Los Griegos, 3 p.m.; 6/30—North Valley, 10:30 a.m./Erna Fergusson, 3 p.m.; 7/1—Ernie Pyle, 10:30 a.m./South Broadway, 3 p.m.; 7/2—Lomas at Tramway, 10:30 a.m./Cherry Hills, 3 p.m. Visit for details.