Alibi V.13 No.26 • June 24-30, 2004 

Music Magnified

Bing CD Release Party


Friday, June 25; The Paramount (Santa Fe, 21 and over, 9 p.m.): Co-founded by Molly Sturges (vocals, accordion) and Chris Jonas (saxophones), Bing is essentially a groove collective, borrowing rhythmic and melodic components from a host of musical genres and using them to create transient soundscapes that are as reliant on improvisation as they are on carefully calculated unison passages and solo figures. Add to that soulful vocals from Sturges and the musical contributions of Mark Weaver (trombone, tuba), Tim Gagan (guitars), Nina Hart (bass) and Dave Wayne (drums, percussion), and you've got yourself some pretty mind-bending dance music.

While Bing make it clear that they make a concerted effort to avoid the standard “world beat” classification that's become over-saturated by Anglos with a few East Indian scales somewhat perfected. But they don't try to deny the fact that world music is an elemental part of their compositions, helping to drive the songs on their debut, Galore, out into the stratosphere, far-removed from those Deep Forest records your mom listens to.