Alibi V.23 No.51 • Dec 18-24, 2014 
From left, Cowboys and Indian and Word Salad circa 1997

Show Up!

Bah! Hum-What?!

Great concerts hit Burque ... Again?!

Attending country, rockabilly, psych rock, folk and hardcore punk shows may help prevent seasonal depression. Get all the deets in Show Up!

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Aural Fixation

Five Christmas Tunes that Don’t Nauseate Us

Our Top 5 holiday tunes come courtesy of The Kinks, Greg Lake, The Who, Bob Dylan and The Flaming Lips.

Sonic Reducer

Various Artists The Art of McCartney · Pixies Doolittle 25 · She & Him Classics

This week we listened to a Paul McCartney tribute album, a Pixies reissue and She & Him’s latest.