Alibi V.24 No.28 • July 9-15, 2015 

Show Up!

Summer Stars, Summer Nights

Five outrageous opportunities to shine

Show Up! has the deets on post-modern delta blues, Brazil-flavored avant-garde, Cabaret and jazz-rock.
A Vision of Voices: John Crosby and the Santa Fe Opera

Get Lit

An Operatic Vision

Crosby’s life as music

Craig A. Smith weaves the tale of John Crosby’s mission to create a world-class opera house on a mesa near Santa Fe.
Livin’ in Merica

Sonic Reducer

Merican Slang Livin' in Merica · The Lymbs Moon · Veruca Salt Ghost Notes

This week we listened to Merican Slang, The Lymbs and Veruca Salt.