Alibi V.24 No.30 • July 23-29, 2015 

Show Up!

All of Your Favorites

Gambol gracefully to good gigs

Guitar, jazz, cumbia, heavy cello and hip-hop—all diggable, you dig?
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Aural Fixation

The Musical Hands

Progressions, prog-rock and piano

Sound and stories about sound saved August March from becoming hopeless.

Sonic Reducer

Wilco Star Wars · Sleaford Mods Key Markets · Flying Saucer Attack Instrumentals 2015

This week we listened to Wilco, Sleaford Mods and Flying Saucer Attack.
Jennifer Higdon
Candace di Carlo

Music Magnified

Art Music Action

A season of sounds

Upcoming classical and art music in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
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