Alibi V.25 No.18 • May 5-11, 2016 
Surf Rock Bodhisattva Dick Dale

Music Interview

Bodhisattva of the Surf Guitar

A conversation with Dick Dale

Dick Dale invented summertime. Before he figured out how to channel the power of the ocean and the intensity of non-Western rhythms through an electric guitar, the kids in southern California were mostly square and spent the months between June and September going to barn dances, politely adhering to their parents’ customs, never daring to wander away from 4/4 timing, never craving to turn the volume up to 11.

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Jessica Hopper
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Rock Reads

Reviewing the Reviewer

Hopper book is important and engaging

As Rob Sheffield says in his blurb for Jessica Hopper’s new book, “She concedes nothing to the idea that it is dumb to care so much. The excitement in her work comes from her faith that these things are worth scrapping about.”


The Hottest Mess in Burlesque

The Mess-tival: Bizarre Beauty Burlesque Showcase • Jeez Loueez • EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! • Orchid Mei

The Albuquerque burlesque scene has always thrived on the weird versus the pretty, the neo versus the classic. Powerhouse Productions, consisting of Mayo Lua de Frenchie, Jane Sweeney, Dr. Killgreedy and Holly Rebelle, brings a weekend of the bizarre. Kicking off The Mess-tival's inaugural year at Sister on Friday, Sept. 20 at 8pm is the Strip the Unstrippable Dream Competition, where 12 competitors face off to “unstrippable” music to ultimately win the title “Hottest Mess.” If you've ever wanted to see internationally renowned performers strip to “We Built This City,” anything by Weird Al or horrific dubstep, this is the show. Saturday, Sept. 21 brings night two, the Bizarre Beauty Showcase, at 8pm at Launchpad which welcomes even more stellar performers to the 505 for unbookable, messy, strange and confusing striptease. The shows star EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! (Wash.), Jeez Loueez (La.) and Sgt. Die Wies (Calif.) for the weirdest, wildest and most unsettling weekend of burlesque ever witnessed. The shows are both 21-plus and cost $15.

Image courtesy of the Dean Martin estate


The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

The Roast of Albuquerque • Nicholas Starr • Evan Wrons • Hollyanne Byrd • Zach Abeyta • stand-up comedy • Sarah Kennedy

If you're like many Gen Xers, you may spend early Sunday mornings (between 3:15am and 4:20am) watching super highlarious comedy outings from the '70s—like the one mentioned in the above title—hoping to coax the ghost of your dead dad out of the teevee and into your little Downtown chante. I know it hasn't worked so far, but the experience reminds one how funny the roast format is. It works great with elected leaders and their cities, as well as celebrities, in case you wanna know. If you wanna know more, attend the Roast of Albuquerque on Sunday, Sept. 22 at the Hiland Theater. The hijinks begin at 7:30pm and the focus of the flaming is upon our beloved city and mayor, the honorable Tim Keller. The host is OG Burque actor Miguel Martinez and comics such as Black Mike, Nicholas Starr, Evan Wrons, Hollyanne Byrd and Sarah Kennedy. Hm, what about Don Rickles and Orson Welles? Tickets for this all-ages cook-off of sorts range in price from free to $15, and if you don't go, I'm a-gonna send Ruth Buzzi and her hairnet after you.