Alibi V.25 No.21 • May 26-June 1, 2016 

Show Up!

The World at One’s Fingertips

Wake up to wisdom or concerts

Brooklyn-born hip-hop at Low Spirits, local indie rocanrol at Burt’s, the acid rap of Esham and Built to Fucking Spill at Launchpad, plus Sumac and friends bring the noise to Sister.
Image of Olivia Komahcheet courtesy of the artist


8 Bits of Fun

8 Bit Psychedelic Folk Fest • David Bridwell • singer-songwriter • Olivia Komacheet • guitar loops • Bud Melvin • 8-bit, banjo • The Gral Brothers • pedal steel

Whoa. There's going to be a psychedelic folk fest in Burque, dudes, except it's all '80s style complete with an 8-bit musical motif too. Presented by multi-instrumentalist Olivia Komahcheet and also featuring Bud Melvin—a local king of the 8-bit aesthetic—as well as the unique pedal steel and drum chemistry of the Gral Brothers and the humorous, new-pants-wearing humor of singer-songwriter David Bridwell, this singular and sonically challenging event is going down…