Alibi V.27 No.51 • Dec 20-26, 2018 
Delphia and her Delphonic Orchestra

Show Up!

Two Weeks’ Worth

Half the space, twice the shows

Fine fine local shows, from punk to jazz, are part of this town’s holiday gift to you, Alibi readers!
Violent J
Courtesy Psychopathic Records

Music Interview

New Year’s Eve with Violent J

A winter sans Faygo yields a solo tour

Weekly Alibi has a miraculous chat with ICP’s Violent J.
Image courtesy of the artist


Are You Ready?

Purple Reign • Prince tribute band

Take our word for it: The Purple One was the greatest rock guitarist to ever live on the planet Earth. Not even the Deaner compares, dudes. A master of every genre The Artist touched, Prince's hip-hop is so fly and far-out that it won't be properly understood for at least 200 years. For reference, we call your attention to a song titled “Pussy Control” for confirmation of what is otherwise known as la neta. While you're on that princely power kick, check out the dude's Purple Reign tribute show, a live concert experience

Image via Pixabay


A Bid for a Showdown

The Price is Right Live • game show

If you like spinning wheels and people yelling out the retail prices of household products, then leave your spayed or neutered pets at home and come on down to The Price Is Right Live stage show