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Slayer: Final World Tour

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Slayer: Final World Tour

A final look into the abyss

In review: Slayer and Lamb of God at Isleta Amphitheater, Friday May 3, 2019

 May 9 - 15, 2019 
Monolith on the Mesa organizers and musicians

Music Interview

Building a Monolith on the Mesa

Heavy music festival rocks Taos next weekend

Weekly Alibi chats with the organizers of Monolith on the Mesa, a three-day heavy rock music festival being held at Taos Mesa Brewing, a funky and far-out venue in El Prado, N.M.

Sonic Reducer

Tommy Planets Stargazing · Ancient Lunatic Ancient Lunatic · Sword Horse/ Witch Hat Sword Horse/Witch Hat Live Split Tape

We review new releases by Tommy Planets, Ancient Lunatic, Sword Horse and Witch Hat.

Photo by El Reverend of Gomez Photo Works


Thank You For Sending Me An Angel

Stop Making Sense • Tony O and the Greatest Band Ever • rock

By August March

Multiple Best of Burque Music award-winner Tony Orant—one of the giant disembodied brains in impenetrable perspex that is responsible for projects like Pink Freud—is driving his mad musical time machine to the '80s to grok a phenomenon called Talking Heads. The skulls of those four East Coast art school rockers had much influence on music and culture that followed numbly in their wake; just ask Thom Yorke. Anyway, Tony O and the Greatest Band Ever wants to tell you all about that

Image courtesy of the artist


Third Eye Vision

Heiroglyphics • hip-hop

By August March

Hieroglyphics is on tour this summer because 20 years ago, 3rd Eye Vision was released. As you may recall, this album was one of the most important hip-hop recordings to appear near the end of the 20th century. It had folks like Del the Funky Homosapien wrangling a crew that boasted A-Plus, Opio and Domino


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