Alibi V.28 No.31 • Aug 1-7, 2019 

Show Up!

Hot Town!

Summer in the city

These are shows you can use as an excuse to disappear from downtown El Duque before the back of your neck feels the dirt and grit of a place where the sidewalks can indeed be hotter than a match head.
Rick Diamond

Music Interview

Crossing Styx with a Hot Guitar

James Young puts the rock in the ride

We chat with James Young of Styx about rocanrol, the electric guitar and a beloved band that keeps going and going, headed for the sky and other celestial bodies, too.
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Sonic Reducer

Glitter Vomit Tangling · ALONEWULF ALONEWULF

We review new releases by ALONEWULF and Glitter Vomit.
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Bunbah, Ganjapani, Little Rubber Boat

UB40 • reggae, '80s, pop

Once upon a time in the late '70s, pop music married dancehall reggae and the couple had a few very happy, musical children who ended up playing in bands with names like The Beat, The Specials, Madness and of course UB40. The latter outfit, named after an unemployment form used in Old Blighty, went on to become an international rocanrol superstar on the strength of stoney-groovy hits

Image by Ramona Beezus


Let's Get Korny

Korn • metal • Alice in Chains • alt.rock

KoRn and Alice in Chains arrive at Isleta Amphitheater on Tuesday, Aug. 27 at 6pm to soothe your alt and nu metal needs. Something takes a part of you in the pit for $108.50 general admission; if you’d rather the music inside of you forever preach rather than reach, opt for lawn seats as low as $38.50. It’s an all-ages show, and bring your kids to show them how much better life was in the late '90s and introduce them to a whole new world of sights and smells. So long as you’re not a square or the colloquial man in the box who's down in a hole, get tickets from Even figure out a cool way to incorporate a joke about mohawks to tell your friends, “Yeah, here comes the rooster,” but only if you’re a talented writer who is wildly clever about things like that.