Alibi V.28 No.36 • Sept 5-11, 2019 
Keith Sanchez (L) leads students from NMARB.

Music Interview

A Remarkable Breeze

After school program honors and educates

The New Mexico Academy of Rock and Blues has been goal-oriented. Its stated purpose: “To make music camps and classes accessible by being low cost to the community and fully funded for families with limited resources.”
Dave Payne & Salt Cedar
courtesy of the artist

Show Up!

The Tenacious Tree

On Dave Payne and Salt Cedar

Dave Payne and Salt Cedar have created a singular American sound that comes out crystal clear on the band’s new eponymous recording. Payne dropped by Weekly Alibi to tell us all about it.

Sonic Reducer

Toll Booth Mustache A New Leaf · Howlcifer Jones Songs for the Strange · Cactus Warmuth We Wasted John Wayne

We review new releases by Toll Booth Mustache, Howlcifer Jones and Cactus Warmuth.