Alibi V.28 No.46 • Nov 14-20, 2019 
August James and Peach Tauzer

Music Interview

In The Neighborhood

August James and the Lovesick Symphony

Weekly Alibi invited August James and drummer Peach Tauzer of up-and-coming country-inflected The Lovesick Symphony to our headquarters for a chat.
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Show Up!

Itchy-O and Albuquerque

Love and light for ever

To find out more about the musical phenomenon coming our way, we struck up a conversation with one of the members of Itchy-O. There are 57 of them in case you want to know and this unit’s name, like all the others involved, is Itchy-O.
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Sonic Reducer

Rosie Hutchinson Hosie

We review the new album by Rosie Hutchinson.
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Wearing Only Flowers

Big Head Todd and the Monsters • alternative, blues

After more than 30 years of touring and with an almost cultlike following of mountain-sprung funk fairies gamboling along with them, Big Head Todd and the Monsters are a jam band, which is a very American thing. Their music—distilled by determination, a deep groove and driving around the mountain West and Left Coast in a van called “the Colonel”—is pretty, pretty good