Alibi V.28 No.51 • Dec 19-25, 2019 
The Big Spank

Music Interview

The Big Spank at 20

Rollin’ with that big bad band

We chat with The Big Spank at practice.
Lindy Vision
Eric Williams Photography

Year in Review: Music

Yow, There Goes 2019!

The year in music, examined

Let’s take a look at the Middle Rio Grande’s musical activities for the year they call 2019. We’ll keep it telegraphic, so it sounds like it’s coming from a transdimensional entity tasked with observing you cabrones.
Al Hurricane Jr.
courtesy of the artist

Show Up!

Again and Again

Two weeks, six shows!

We had to cram two weeks’ worth of rocking events into Show Up!
Image courtesy of the artist


I'm Not Hppy and I'm Not Sad

Gothic Winter Ball • goth, industrial

For at least the past 14 years and probably long before, especially when Pulse was pounding out the hot Burque Goth jams on Thursday nights in Nob Hill—requerdas, Estuardo?—the vibrantly dark local subculture responsible for drenching this town in the blackest of all musical arts has celebrated themselves and the lifestyle they prefer with a traditional Gothic Winter Ball. This year's event happens on Saturday, Feb. 1 at Sister from 9pm in the evening til 1:30am the next morning—with just enough time to get back to the crypt before sunrise. Just kidding. Now, repeat after me: The Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Siouxsie Sioux … For only $10 and a 21-plus ID you're practically guaranteed to get laid, especially if you know the names of any albums by Dead Can Dance and don't forget to touch up that black nail polish and eyeliner, dudes.