Alibi V.29 No.11 • March 12-18, 2020 
Lindy Vision

Music Feature

Late for Lindy Vision

Hangin’ with the cool kids

Weekly Alibi chats with Lindy Vision, the indescribably unique electronic no wave with funky super chops attached trio, who has just released part two of Adult Children of Alcoholics to local and regional acclaim.
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Show Up!

Not Scared, Still Dancing

Out in the wider world

There are plenty of gigs, shows and other events out there this weekend, just waiting for you to joyously attend. Be safe but don’t be scared as you party on in a world that is always abruptly changing.

Sonic Reducer

Full Speed Veronica The Final Round · In Blue Sevit · Various Artists Green Chile In The Air, Vol. 9

We review albums by Full Speed Veronica and In Blue, as well as a local hip hop compilation.